California! GTC 2010



This week I am in… California! You would hardly have guessed from the title of the post eh? I’m here for work, at the NVIDIA GTC 2010 conference. This is the second day here, and while yesterday was just a tutorial day, I’ve seen some amazing stuff today.

– NVIDIA named the next two gpus in their roadmap, kepler and maxwell, as well as claiming an 8* performance per watt improvement by 2013.

– Adobe showed off an amazing piece of digital photography tech allowing you to refocus after taking the shot. It used the high megapixel of current sensors and many lenses to capture lots of small images, then sew them together in software. Magic.

– stacks of stereo vision, auto stereo, surround displays, some really impressive, others blah. Auto stereo was a bit nauseous, I thought- bad omen for 3ds.

– a nice multi touch screen extension, allowing 32 simultaneous touch points, and it did indeed seem pretty robust.

Other than that I curse biological rhythm, my body is sure it should be asleep despite not being awake long enough yet!

One thought on “California! GTC 2010

  1. When’d you have the time to post this ._o… well, lucky you anyways, freeloading there… So envious.
    Try to have some fun and don’t drop dead from the exhaustion. And remember to bring souvenirs!

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