Paste unformatted text in Word 2003

Annoyed that Word keeps trying to paste your copied text in the original format? Record a new macro to fix it!

Tools -> Macro -> Record New macro
Give it a name – I called mine “PasteUnformatted”. The name can’t have spaces.
Click keyboard shortcut and give it a shortcut, I used Ctrl+v (this means the default paste behaviour on ctrl+v is ignored, but I never want the default behaviour)
Click Ok. The macro starts recording.
Click Edit -> Paste Special -> Select ‘Unformatted text’, then stop recording the macro with the macro toolbar.
This doesn’t quite work, as it forgets the unformatted bit (don’t ask me why, this is Microsoft), so open tools->Macro->Macros.
Select your macro and pick edit. Change the line to this:

Selection.PasteAndFormat (wdFormatPlainText)

Save and exit the macro editer.

now when you press ctrl+v you should get unformatted text (so it should match your document’s current formatting)

There are better ways to do this in Word 2007.

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