Team Fortress uber update ‘Meet The Medic’ and… Free to play!

You can now (finally!) meet the medic!

And in amazing addition, Valve just went and took a bold, moderately scary, but awesome step. They took one of their greatest games, and made it free to play – free, forever, no catch. I’ll bet this is where they’ve aimed ever since they launched the cash store, probably as a better business model for them and a great way to encourage more new players. I can hardly believe it, as it’s one of a few games which I would still pay ‘full retail’ price for even now.

In every way, Team Fortress 2 seems like an inspirational game. It ticks so many boxes it… runs on a 5-year-old laptop, looks amazing on a brand new desktop, is artistic, tells a story (really well) of the characters in a typically storyless genre, is balanced, is about more than just you, involves the community, funds community developers, requires next to no money from you (absolutely none now!), receives regular (awesome) (free) updates, servers are well populated, and probably most importantly, is great fun.

As long as they keep up the balanced and quality update work, I can only see this being a good thing. By balanced, I mean, a person who pays gains no real advantage over a person who works to craft and collect items. They might get items faster, and they might get unique looking items, but the free player will always be able to match the item buying player. I doubt it will be anything other than this, as updates and new weapons are always balanced – or aim to be, and are polished up later.

If you’re new to the game, don’t worry. The team is what matters, so you can just do your best to help meet the objective – no one will hate you for being new. (if anyone does, hit them with a baseball bat (or a fish!))

Anyway what are you waiting for, stop reading this post right now and go download the game!

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