Delicious omelette

I just made a delicious omelette. I’m not sure which bit is the delicious factor, but I suspect it’s the occasional hit of sun-dried tomato amidst the fairly salty omelette.

To construct the artefact you need

  • Eggs (obviously).
  • A handful of black olives,
  • A handful of diced salami,
  • A few thinly sliced sun-dried tomatoes.

I seasoned with a sprinkle of garam masala, paprika, tiny bit of balsamic vinegar and a little (very little!) salt. Salt might be completely unnecessary given the salami.

Then did roughly this

  1. Whisk the eggs till they’re a consistent color (not much effort needed), sling in the other bits, and cook on a medium heat (not hot!) till it’s pretty firm.
  2. Turn it using a plate inversion technique and cook for a minute or so more (don’t use a spatula or you have to clean up the kitchen like I now have to).
  3. Eat it. I would upload a picture but I already ate it. (the omelette, not the picture) Maybe next time.

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