Delicious omelette

I just made a delicious omelette. I’m not sure which bit is the delicious factor, but I suspect it’s the occasional hit of sun-dried tomato amidst the fairly salty omelette.

To construct the artefact you need

  • Eggs (obviously).
  • A handful of black olives,
  • A handful of diced salami,
  • A few thinly sliced sun-dried tomatoes.

I seasoned with a sprinkle of garam masala, paprika, tiny bit of balsamic vinegar and a little (very little!) salt. Salt might be completely unnecessary given the salami.

Then did roughly this

  1. Whisk the eggs till they’re a consistent color (not much effort needed), sling in the other bits, and cook on a medium heat (not hot!) till it’s pretty firm.
  2. Turn it using a plate inversion technique and cook for a minute or so more (don’t use a spatula or you have to clean up the kitchen like I now have to).
  3. Eat it. I would upload a picture but I already ate it. (the omelette, not the picture) Maybe next time.

The theory of good rice

This is the theory of good rice – having watched it in action and had it described step by step. The product was delicious! I am yet to successfully do it myself, but will try again soon.

  1. Rinse the rice in a pan until the water is clear. This takes about 15 rinses. (dry rice sinks, so you can pour off the water easily)
  2. Boil a bunch of water – enough to cover the rice by about 4cm
  3. Pour the boiling water over the rice, stir briefly with a fork and put a lid on the pan. Leave the pan to stand for 15 minutes.
  4. Drain off most of the water, leaving the water level a bit less than 1 cm above the rice, add a largish lump of margarine. (getting the water level just right here is key to getting good rice! Too little is better than too much, you can always add a bit more)
  5. Place on the hob, and set the heat hot enough to make the water steam, but not hot enough to boil. (don’t leave the pan here… rice can burn!)
  6. Cover the pan, stirring at regular intervals with a fork to prevent the rice sticking, for about 15 minutes. The aim is to let the rice absorb all the water.
  7. When the water is almost all gone, take the pan off the heat, and leave to stand with the lid on until the rest of the food is ready to be served. Don’t leave it on the heat at this point!

Then eat it. Nom nom nom.