About me – Bomadeno

I’m Bomadeno. Aka Matt, and the administrator of this domain. I’m interested in computers… pretty much every bit of them – some might call me a geek, and they would almost certainly be right. Thankfully that’s no bad thing in the modern day and age. I enjoy developing computer things, learning computer things, and using computer things, be they hardware, software, games, applications, programming languages…

Computers aren’t my only interest – I also enjoy photography, chatting and going out with friends (or staying in with friends, playing LAN games…), drawing, and when I can, I like getting out into the hills and enjoying the fresh air.

My posts will probably be about computer development, games or creative stuff – or nothing at all whilst I’m too busy actually playing around with those things to write about them. That’s what all my co-authors are here for though!